Scouting Awards
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There are 3 Scouting awards to gain as an Explorer Scout with Pegasus:    

Plantinum, Diamond and the Queen's Scout award

In addition you can work towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award:    

Bronze - from age 14, Silver from age 15 and Gold from age 16

You can work on Scouting and DofE in tandem, so you can achieve 2 awards for one amount of work :-)    

Each of the D of E awards requires some effort in a number of categories:

Skills - e.g. IT, music

Physical e.g. rugby, hockey, archery

Volunteering e.g. helping at beavers

Expedition - a hike (canoe or sail etc) over a number of days

For the Gold award there is also a residential element.

For more information on all awards click HERE

There are no extra fees for the Scouting awards, but for the D of E scheme there is a registration charge of £14.00 for the log-book. However, as a full Pegasus member you can get a £9.00 voucher from the downloads page, so the cost is only £5.00 - bargain.    
You need to complete a Registration form - also on the downloads page
Talk to any leader for more information. See the contact us page for the DofE contact details.    

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