What are subs?
Subs (subscriptions) is the term Scouts use for the weekly fee which we require to finance the running of the Unit. For Pegasus Explorers subs are currently set at £100 per year or discounted to £96 if paid by OSM direct debit (see below)

For OSM direct debit payments, the payment is £8.00 per month.

For cash/cheque payments there are 3 payment dates, based on School terms




•January term = £40.00 (this reflects the amount that we have to pay in fees to the Scout Association for all members)
•April term = £30.00
•September term = £30.00

Cheques should be payable to 'Pegasus ESU' or payment by bank transfer - details available by request.


OSM (Direct Debits) - This is our preferred method of subs payment, as it significanty reduces admin, trips to the bank etc. It also provides an excellent audit trail for both parents and leaders.


We use Online Scout Manager(OSM) as the core database system for recording information (names, addresses, badge records etc). The payment element of the OSM system is used to collect parent payments (just like the schools' ParentPay). OSM uses standard Direct Debits and as such is fully protected by the Direct Debit guarantee mechanisms
When will my bank account be debited?
The OSM Direct Debit protocol requires you to have 4 working days notice before the money is debited from your account. This is to ensure that you have the opportunity to cancel the payment. The whole time-frame is as follows:
  Day 1 - you will get an OSM email advising you of the next DD payment. e.g. 1st of the month
Day 4 - your bank account will be debited
Day 6 - our Unit bank account will be credited


What if the Direct Debit fails? (Bounces)
When Direct Debits fail it is usually, but not always, due to insufficient funds in your bank account. If this occurs we get a notification on 'Day 6' as above. We will email you to advise you of this DD failure and will ask you to advise us when we can re-initiate the DD request to your bank. Bank charges could apply to you and to us, so it is important that we do not re-initiate the DD request automatically, but allow you time to resolve your bank issue first.


Previously paid by OSM to another Scout Group
The Direct Debit in OSM is established for each section and group. When young people transfer from Scouts to Explorers it will require a new Direct Debit agreement to be set-up. Your existing DD with the Scout Group needs to be cancelled. Please see info below about checking your email/spam/junk for the ‘set-up’ email.


Cash-less subs
As a Unit we would like to be fully cash-less for subs payments. We would appreciate your help in supporting this ambition, as this:

  • significantly reduces the admin burden on our leader team
• makes information more available to use
• ensures good financial controls
• provides excellent audit trails for parents and leaders

saves counting and recording the incoming payments, but more significantly it saves visits to the banks, which are all now located in Doncaster town centre.


More than 1 young person in Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit?
Each young person will require an individual DD to be set-up, this provides maximum flexibility when young people move between sections.


The communication and set-up for our subs payments is processed using our Online Scout Manager (OSM) system. Within OSM the payment system is referred to as ‘Go Cardless’
  • You will get an email from us (via OSM) to request set-up of your bank details.
• This will result in you initiating a payment in to our Explorer Unit's bank account( via GoCardless)
• This Direct Debit is subject to all the usual banking rules

It is imperative that we have your up to date email address.

Soon after starting with the Pegasus we will email you with a link to the OSM payment system:

  • Please check your junk/spam mail folders;
• If you cannot find our email - please contact us (details below) and we will reset and re-email your link

Details about how to set-up the link - see guidance note below .

Please help us by setting this up as quickly as possible, as this makes life a lot easier for our leaders and treasurer, enabling us to spend less time on admin and more on delivering quality Scouting.

Once you have completed the set-up process you will be able to see the schedule of payment dates. You will also receive an email in advance of each payment collection date.

You need do nothing for now, just wait for and then promptly respond to the OSM email(s).

All of these Direct Debits can be manually cancelled at any time using the payments page or links on the payment notification emails. Any existing payment schedules are automatically cancelled by the system when your child leaves the group, and also when they move sections. In this case you will receive an email with a link to setup a payment for the new section.

If you have any questions or concerns – just talk to any leader – or contact Colin (details below)


More information

What is OSM? - Have a look-see via these links:


Email is the key – we must have your preferred email address, one that you use regularly

Changes to your email address (or any other contact details - mobile numbers etc) - Please let us know asap. Apart from OSM payments, we need to have up to date contact info - just in case...

I don’t have an email address – Let your section leader know

Just wait – and respond to emails when they arrive (check your junk/spam mail just in case, 'white-list' us!)

Guidance notesfollow this link for step-by-step guidance and screen shots

Questions – ask Colin, refer to our contact us page

Camps and other activities - in the near future it is our intention to use the OSM facility for certain camp/activity payments


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